Sport Yukon's Service Providers


The service providers listed below have been vetted by Sport Yukon. The list contains professionals who can assist your organization with: 


  •  Board Governance Training
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Meeting Facilitation
  •  Report Writing
  •  Funding Proposals
  •  Budget or Financial Responsibility Training
  •  Bookkeeping Services
  •  Sport/Office Administration Services
  •  Event Planning Services
  •  Cultural Awareness Training
  •  Plus more

Service Providers

Business Name: Ben Robinson Professional Corporation

Services Offered: Bookkeeping 


Phone: (647)528-8392


Ben is able to offer online or virtual sessions. Other services offered by Ben include: Accounting – financial statements and Corporate Affairs compliance relating to accounting under the Societies Act. 




Business Name: Thomas Scoffin, CPA

Services Offered: Accounting – comprehensive accounting services including financial statement preparation and tax reporting. 


Phone: (867)668-6484


Thomas offers online and virtual sessions.



Business Name: Sue Meikle Consulting

Services Offered: Assisting with organizational structure and governance 

Phone: (867)333-9640


Sue offers online and virtual sessions. 

Business Name: Michael Pealow Consulting & Facilitation for Social Change

Services Offered: You're grappling with the seemingly impossible.  How do you effect profound change in the face of wicked problems?  Using systems thinking and more, Michael Pealow and his team specialize in consulting and facilitation for complex social problems. 



Phone: (867)335-3350


Michael is available for online and virtual sessions. 

Business Name: Sport Law

Services Offered: At Sport Law, we are a diverse team of experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and we are all connected by our love of sport. This shared passion brings us together to offer holistic care and unprecedented clarity to leaders seeking to grow and advance their sport.



Phone: (647)348-3080 


SportLaw offers online and virtual training and services.

Business Name: HUB International

Services Offered: Providing sport insurance, Director's and Officer's insurance and special event and facility insurance.


Phone: (867)667-4271

Business Name: Strategy North Incorporated

Services Offered: Board governance, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, report writing, funding proposals, budget or financial responsibility training.

Evaluation and new program development. An economist with 26 years experience with impact-based strategic planning (and implementation) and evaluation, along with Board governance and policy support.  Travis Armour has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Member of Evaluation Canada.


Phone: (086) 733-4273




Business Name: Oberlander & Associates Inc.

Services Offered: Board governance training, meeting facilitation, report writing, funding proposals.



Phone: (778) 668-1550

Business Name: Jan Mann, MBA

Services Offered: Budget and financial responsibility training.  Retired senior manager with 30 years of experience managing budgets as large as $60 million.  Offers training and consulting for your non-profit needs.


Phone: (867) 633-2983


Jan offers online and virtual sessions.

Business Name: Bartlette Consulting 

Services Offered: Bartlette has formal training in strategic planning, governance, policy, leadership and parliamentary procedure and offers this expertise to local non-profits through consulting services and training workshops. 



Deb offers online and virtual sessions. 

Business Name: YZED Projects 

Services Offered: Board Governance Training, Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitation, Budget or Finance Training, Sport/Office Administration Services, Cultural Awareness Training

Other Services: 

coaching and training sessions,

strategy and planning,
action planning - align plans for people, capacity and resources
team wellness strategies
meaningful organizational culture strategies
executive director training and respite services
financial management and oversight
succession planning
digital capacity development


Our work with you is a partnership; our team adapts and pivots with yours as we design the path forward. We meet teams where they're at.
What starts as a short-term project often expands into longer-term transformational work.

Contact: 867-333-9903


Wendy offers online and virtual sessions.

Services offered: 

The Yukon Circle of Change offers restorative justice facilitation and consultation services to organization who are looking to restore relationships and repair harm when conflict happens. 


Christine Klaassen-St Pierre and Helen Anne Girouard offer this service on a sliding scale fee for service. 


We start with an initial intake call with someone from the organization who can explain the situation (in general terms) and we can decide together if our approach is a good fit.



Christine – 

Helen Anne –